Pilea depressa will grow in a variety of lighting conditions, but an area that receives lots of bright, indirect light is optimal for growth. Though, you may find the plant has a more prostrate growth pattern under bright light. Avoid areas of direct sunlight as the delicate leaves can quickly become damaged.


The dense, lush and rich green leaves of the baby tears plant look incredible when mountain them in a terrarium, but overwatering can quickly lead to rotting this plant (literally within the first week) so take care when establishing it in a terrarium. 


Non-toxic to humans and animals.

  • Care Instructions

    Baby’s tears grow best in locations with bright locations, but best in bright indirect light or partial shade and not direct sun.

    Baby tears require more water during periods of extremely hot temperatures as the heat dries out the plant and soil.

    Check the moist soil frequently to ensure it remains at optimal levels but do not let the potting mix get soggy.