Hoya Carnosa is also commonly referred to as a wax plant due to its thick , wax-like leaves.A tricolor Hoya Carnosa is recognizable by the color of these waxy leaves. Green, white and pink, this variety of hoya has pink stems that branch out into colorful leaves.


8 inch hanging basket

  • Care Instructions

    Hoya Carnosa Variegata like bright, indirect light

    Do not place a Hoya Carnosa Variegata in a bright window with unfiltered light, the leaves will bleach yellow and fall off. Aslo do not place a Hoya Carnosa Variegata in a dark corner.

    Only water Hoya Carnosa Variegata when the soil is dry, this can be weeks . They tolerence dryness, but do not let them sit in the soggy wet soil.  Allow the soil of your Hoya Carnosa Variegata to completely dry then give it a thorough watering and allow the water to drain out completely. 

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