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1992 Brunswick St.

Halifax, NS B3G 2J7


Hours :
Monday – Saturday 9:30 -17:00

Sunday  Close

Certain restrictions apply for same-day delivery 

  1. An order prefer to be placed before 2:00 pm Halifax time, last minute order can be filled if we are available. 

  2. Business orders are prioritized first (guaranteed 9am - 4:30pm)

  3. Residential orders will be delivered during the day.

  4. If you need a guaranteed time for delivery then YOU MUST CALL IN. We need to be able to route the deliveries ourselves. A guaranteed time will have added charges associated with the purchase, which depends on the delivery location as well time requested for the delivery. Ignoring this clause does not entitle you to any form of credit or refund, regardless of circumstances.

  5. If an order needs to be redelivered due to sender error (in shipping address or otherwise) then the delivery fee will need to be paid again.

  6. If due to extenuating circumstances we are unable to complete a delivery the day of, we reserve the right to attempt re-delivery next day. As a recourse the customer may claim up to a 50% refund on the order for the inconvenience. We work with a lot of suppliers and sometimes orders are missed due to circumstances outside of our control. In this case we can only offer a full refund.

  7. We try our best to work with all customers to resolve any delivery disputes that may happen, whether it's a partial refund or free upgrades/credits in the future

  8. By accepting our terms you are authorizing us to either leave the flowers with a). a neighbour or b). outside (pending weather) if no one is home to receive them. 

As a flower shop we face many challenges, such as differing weather conditions, seasonal changes, and variation of flower growth. As such we have a policy in place to guarantee a consistent service among all our orders.

  1. We reserve the right to replace out-of-stock flowers with similar looking and of equal or better value. 

  2. We reserve the right to refuse to fulfill any order for any reason - This includes rural delivery or fulfillment issues that can arise during busy seasons. Any refused orders will be immediately refunded in full. 

  3. We make best-effort attempts to fulfill any requests. Notes made on the order/delivery section will be considered but not guaranteed unless it is confirmed via customer support.

  4. All images on the site are for demonstrative purposes, we try our best to give an accurate image of what will be delivered, but depending on location and season it may be impossible for the flowers or any other perishable and non perishable items to look exactly the same. We cannot refund flowers and any other gifting items for subtle differences in appearance.

  5. All Canadian credit cards are processed in CAD. International cards may charge you transaction fee from you bank.

  6. Due to our high volume our flowers are fresh and with proper care typically last long (depending on the flowers - as it varies by type). In case of a flower perishing early you must put in a complaint within 48 hours of delivery.

  7. Plants may arrive in bud form. Allow time for the buds to bloom. No credits will be given for a plant not arriving in full bloom.

  8. Cancellations must be placed at least 24 hours prior to the delivery date. If an order is cancelled you will forfeit the service fee (Currently $15, this is processed as an administration fee)

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